Yeah, so... I'm back again for another post.

I left my story of with telling my brother about me being gay over texts. He was on his way back home, from Oslo, to moms and dads. When he came back home, he told me he wantet to talk about the text, but he didn't have the time at the moment, so he we had to talk a couple of days later.

When we spoke again, he asked me if this was something I was sure about. "Yes, I am! I've known for quite a while, I've just never felt ready to tell anyone yett, but now I am, I guess." Then he asked me if I'd ever had a boyfriend, if I've ever had sex and so on. "I've never had a boyfriend, and I've had sex a couple of times, once with a girl, and once with a guy." Then I asked him if he'd ever done anything with a guy. He got really embaressed, and blushed from head to toe. "I haven't," he told me, "and I've never felt the need either." After that we've never really spoken about it again, and to be honnest, thats really ok.

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