So.. whats up with these numbers?

Is this blog realy that popular?

Since the last time I was signed in, the blog claimes to have had over 20000 visitors, but those numbers cant be right, can they? Cause if they are, you all should leave a comment once in a while, cause thats a lot of people!

There isn't that much more to tell you guys, to be honnest. Nothing thrilling going on in my life at the moment. No new loves, no new parties, only school, sex and the city, and pop corn. Easter is just around the corner though, and then its time to go home to mom and dad. And the new little dog. Yay!

But i just need to tell you guys something! A friend of mine, Michael. He and I went to the same high school, majoring in music, and singing, anyways. He, and his band, has gotten signed by a label! How cool is that? I have to admitt, I wish it could be me, but I'm glad for him.

If you want to check it out, they're on myspace, their band is named Yellow Waste.

See you guys later!