Some of my story

As I think you all know, I'm a gay teenager. It's not the hardest thing on earth, all though it sometimes feels like it. It's hard to never be your self around your own parents, your own family.

Just the other day my grandmother asked me "So, is there any special girl in your life?" I just answerd "I have plenty of friends that are girls, but I don't have a girlfriend, if thats what your asking, no." It's just so irritating. I know I'm bitching right now, but I need to get my frustration out somehow, or I'll go crazy.

But over to my real story.

I was teased a lot at jr. high. They all called me Fag, and that even before I myself was even certan myself. It was hard being teased for something that I felt wasn't really true. I had feelings for this guy in my class, but I didn't come to realise it wasn't normal behavior for a straight teenager before I started High School, three years after my first crush.

When we started High School, I met this boy. I thought he was gay, just like me, so I came out to him. He weren't. We didn't talk for about half a year. But now we're better friends than ever. And I have a feeling he might be just a little more gay than he'd like to admit. I don't really know, but I think it might be a fact.

I have a lot of understanding friends. Some are dykes on bikes, some are straight girls, I have a few sparkling fags and some straight guyfriends. They accept me for who I am, and I do the same towards them. I love my friends, almost more than life itself.

I hope you all are doing great, I am! Just a little flue going on, and no, its not the swineflue.

Going to bed!

xoxo, Jo.

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