I'm coming home today.

has been the longest day in months! I've got nothing done, and I just feel bad. Oh'well.

Well. Where were we? I was telling you all about my coming out story, right? I think it's time I told you about how I told my mother about me being gay. It was a wonderfull summers day, my mother was picking me up from work, (this is about a year and 3 months ago) and I kind of just felt like telling her.

I didn't quite know how to tell her, so I just jumped in. First, I steared the conversation over to the people from school who called me a fag, the people whom harrased me. And she didn't understand why anyone would tell other people those things, cause there is no shame in being gay. So I told her, "Mom.. There is no easy way to tell you this, but.. I'm gay." A long silence followed.. "Oh.... Are you shure?" my mother asked me. "Would I've told you if it weren't?" I replied. "No, I guess not."

Then she cried, and then we went out of the car. There isn't much more to tell you about that happening, to be honnest. By the way, I came out to my brother over texts. At the time it felt right, now it just feels rotten. But, I can't turn back time. Noone can.

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  1. Ja, ble moren din lei seg, glad??? Selvfølgelig er det mer å si til det.