Regine Stokke

Yesterday, an Idol of mine past away. Her name was Regine Stokke, and she was extremely ill, and has been for a while. She passed away only 18 years old.

She was, and still are, an inspiration to me. The way she stood up, and fought like a hero, truly amazing. I don’t really know if I could do the same in her place. Then again, she has helped me realize how lucky I am, for being well, having a big, loving family and a lot of wonderful friends whom support me no matter what.

The way she has inspired the whole blogging community in Norway, is truly amazing.  The way Regine, and her friends raised over 300.000 norwegian kroners to support a organisation fighting cancer, is amazing. And she managed to do it, while fighting of one of our worlds most aggresive deseases.

I hope her stay in heaven will be a pleasant one. Rest in peace, you truly amazing girl. You will be remembered, missed and praised.

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